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2020/21 Payroll Release Notes - Now downloadable (see the Downloads page of this site).

Documents by Email - The email data files produced by Accountant (STAEML.DAT, etc.) can now be processed by uploading them to this website. Contact Accountant Software to register for this service..

WinPrint - Allowing the printing of spooled files to ANY Printer. Call for more Details.

DOSprintUI - A useful tool for printing easily to any printer on your network. This program is available from ASL on request, and is also included on program CD’s.

WinPrint is an Add-On to Accountant (£125 to Non-Contact holders, £75 to Contract holders) that allows any spooled print to be send to printers that are not DOS compatible or linked via USB rather than parallel ports.  It also has options to compress documents prior to printing and to print documents in landscape format. Contact Accountant Software for more details.